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Welcome to class 5SW at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Ms Wright, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Reflectiveness in our classroom.

This half term our learning behaviour has been meta-learning and distilling and the children have really mastered these within the classroom.

We use the skill of distilling often in our classroom in all subjects and we had a focus on this is maths and topic.

In our maths lesson we focused on worded problems and how we could distill the important information from these questions. We used the technique of crossing out any irrelevant information and highlighting the necessary information. Once we knew what the question was asking us we had to use our skill of meta-learning to choose which operation we needed to use and how we could use these effectively.

We also used our learning behaviours of distilling and meta-learning in our topic lesson. In year 4 the children learnt about climate change in detail and this has linked nicely with our Antarctica theme this half term. We used our learning behaviour of meta-learning to apply our knowledge from Year 4 and incorporate it with our knowledge in year 5 to write a song, poem or letter to world leaders encouraging them to join the Paris Climate Agreement and tackle climate change. We also read an article about the impact of the melting ice caps in Antarctica and distilled the key information from this to create a flow chart about the impacts of melting ice.

Using drama to understand and recreate Shackleton’s life.

Before starting to write our incredible diary entries from the perspective of Shackleton, we had to first understand his life story.

In order to do this, the class was split into groups and each group had to create and perform a short drama piece that conveyed all necessary information from his life. While we were doing this, we created a timeline of Shackleton’s life, so we could get into character for our writing later in the week.

Here are some photos of our pieces.

Our trip to Moor Allerton Library

This week we were lucky enough to visit Moor Allerton Library to take part in an Antarctica workshop. We first looked at the importance of a library and all the interesting things they offer. Next, we searched for information on Ernest Shackleton and began to truly understand how amazing the expedition was. The visit also allowed us to access the great selection of books and take one of our choosing. As their class teacher, I really hope they love and enjoy the books they have chosen.

Class assembly.

Thank you to all parents and carers that came to support us at our class assembly last Wednesday, as I am sure you will agree it was a huge success and I am massively proud of all the children.

Here are some photos of us sharing our Greek myths with year 3.

Christmas Carol and Christingle times and dates for parents.

We hope that you can join us at our Carol and Christingle services, please sign up to the correct dates and times below on parentpay: 
Tuesday 17th December: Sunningdale & Wentworth Carol Service at St John’s Church (9:30-10:30)
Tuesday 17th December: Turnberry & Birkdale Carol Service at St John’s Church (1:30 – 2:30)
Thursday 19th December: Sunningdale & Wentworth Christingle in the School Hall (1:20 – 2:00)
Thursday 19th December: Turnberry & Birkdale Christingle in the School Hall (2:10 – 2:50)
Hopefully see you there!

School trip to the Royal Armouries!

This week we were lucky enough to visit the Royal Armouries which allowed us to dive straight into our new and exciting topic. We looked at the story of Perseus and Medusa and retold it through drama. Following this we all took part in a Spartan bootcamp which saw us organise ourselves into tactical defensive position and hold different pieces of armour. 

The oracle is teaching us the story of Perseus and Medusa through drama – here we are practising being soldiers turned to stone by Medusa.
The start of the myth when Perseus and Danae arrive on the beach in a wooden box.
Equipment used by Spartans – Rory is holding a real sword and Emily is holding a shield.
Practising being Spartans.
Standing in formation.
Marching in formation – I was very excited that I got to join in on this march!