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Welcome to class 5SW at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Ms Wright, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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The the first week of our Arts Fortnight.

We have had a fabulous week in 5SW. The children have produced some high quality writing and art. We have used drama to unpick the thoughts and emotions of Macbeth during the first scene of the play and produced a letter from Macbeth to Lady Macbeth explaining his experience of battle and meeting the witches. We are hoping that children can share these with you during our arts celebration next Friday

It would be lovely if you could join your child to celebrate their Arts Fortnight learning journey. There will be much to share and experience as they reflect with you on their successes and challenges over the past two weeks. We hope to see you there.

Date: 20.09.2019 Time: Meet in the cafe from 13:10pm onwards for a drink.

Celebration starts: 13:30pm in the hall.

Through dance we have captured the first act of the play and the children have been practicing facial expressions, adding height to the dance and producing battle sounds. 

Rehan and Sangu using dance to represent the battle in the first scene of Macbeth.
Hasini and Ashton preparing for battle, they are using battle actions, sounds and facial expressions.
Children have been working on using different levels and facial expressions to portray strong characters.

In art children have been making skin tones for their self portrait, observational drawings of a flower and beginning to create a mask. These activities all relate to the confusion and transition that Macbeth experiences on hearing the witches prophecies. I have been so impressed with all the children’s artwork and how they have been able to transition between each activity. I have attached some pictures below, these will also be on show during our arts celebration. 

Tom is using newspaper and masking tape to add relief to his mask.
Amy is adding water colour to her observational drawing.
Ashton and Amir have mixed paint to match their skin tones and are using a mirror to ensure they effectively paint and draw their facial features in the correct place on their face.
Emily used water colours, graphite, pastels and crayons to portray the eerie atmosphere when the witches approach Macbeth and Banquo.
Children have also had the opportunity to do some baking which represents Macbeth’s turn from innocent to evil. 
Ryan and Leighton are making shortbread.

We hope to see you at our arts celebration where we can show you all our hard work. 


Our homework for this week is:

5 SW – Home Learning



To be completed by

  • Grammar Workbook

p. 36, 37, 38.

Thursday 19th September

  • Maths Workbook

p. 2, 3, 4, 5.

Spellings –   Vocabulary from “Macbeth”

manipulative, persuasive, committed, against, Lady Macbeth

  • Practise times tables – TT rockstars is excellent for this.
  • Please use Lexia, Sumdog


Hope you have an amazing weekend, 

Miss Wright

Our first three days back at school.

Welcome to the first blog post from 5SW!

I hope that all your children have come home feeling positive about being in the class and confident that they will learn and do well.  I certainly feel that way and have enjoyed my first week with your children.

A few pieces of information that you will need:

Library day is on a Tuesday.

PE is on Thursdays.

Homework is given on a Friday and is due the following Thursday.  Homework pages and spellings will be written in the planner.

Planners should be kept in school bags and should be used both at home and school.  Please make sure that you/your child records in their planner when they have read their reading book and also please make use of it to write me any notes or comments that you wish to share – otherwise catch me on the playground after school or any other time that you can manage!

Uniform – Please remember to stick to recommended uniform items and please name – this class seem quite good at this, so well done!

In class in English, as I am sure you will have heard, we are studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  We are doing lots of activities inspired by this play, drama, reading and writing.

In maths we are currently working on place value and how to read and write numbers to 1 million – any practice on this at home would be good.

For the next two weeks we will be taking part in their arts fortnight with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lynch, the celebration will be on the 20th September – so put that in your diaries.

5 SW – Home Learning
Subject Pages To be completed by
Grammar Workbook p.  4, 5, 6, 7 Thursday 12th September
Maths Workbook p.  7
Spellings –   Vocabulary from “Macbeth”
shield, heath, knight, sword, soldier
Practise times tables – TT rockstars is excellent for this.
Please use Lexia, Sumdog

On Monday your child will bring home a knowledge organiser with basic information/vocabulary about Macbeth.  This is supposed to be of help for your child to become familiar with some basic facts.

Additionally, I will send the year 5/6 spelling list home, children have until the end of year 6 to learn these words but it is great to get a head start.

The year five team have organised our first trip to Temple Newsam for Wednesday 18th September and your child should have brought home a letter about this today.  Please go onto Parent Pay to give permission/pay for this. The year 5 classes went last year and said it was a fabulous trip.

We also have West Yorkshire Playhouse coming in to work with us on a production of Macbeth, so that will be really exciting.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Wright