Finally in our new home!

After an exciting first four weeks, we are finally in our new permanent classroom – I have been really impressed with how the children have coped with the transition into year 5 and their new classroom.

We have been working on making it feel like home and managing our distractions as we create a positive learning environment for everyone in 5SW. Children are allowed to bring in a pair of indoor shoes such as pumps or slippers as we want to keep our classroom as clean as possible.

Alongside settling in to the new building, we have had Anthony from the West Yorkshire Playhouse in to work with us on our performance of Macbeth. The children have been working on using their hands to represent certain characters and objects that are essential within the play.

Children are moving their bodies to represent the witches character.
Children are using their bodies to represent the opposing armies charging during the opening scene of Macbeth.

It is great to see that members of 5SW are taking part in extra curricular activities and we can share in their successes.

Sangu competed in a county tennis competition and won – she brought her medal in to share with the class.
Hasini brought in her certificates and medals celebrating her success in an out of school maths club – this is brilliant Hasini and we are so happy to share your success with you.

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