School trip to the Royal Armouries!

This week we were lucky enough to visit the Royal Armouries which allowed us to dive straight into our new and exciting topic. We looked at the story of Perseus and Medusa and retold it through drama. Following this we all took part in a Spartan bootcamp which saw us organise ourselves into tactical defensive position and hold different pieces of armour. 

The oracle is teaching us the story of Perseus and Medusa through drama – here we are practising being soldiers turned to stone by Medusa.
The start of the myth when Perseus and Danae arrive on the beach in a wooden box.
Equipment used by Spartans – Rory is holding a real sword and Emily is holding a shield.
Practising being Spartans.
Standing in formation.
Marching in formation – I was very excited that I got to join in on this march!

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