Christmas Carol and Christingle times and dates for parents.

We hope that you can join us at our Carol and Christingle services, please sign up to the correct dates and times below on parentpay: 
Tuesday 17th December: Sunningdale & Wentworth Carol Service at St John’s Church (9:30-10:30)
Tuesday 17th December: Turnberry & Birkdale Carol Service at St John’s Church (1:30 – 2:30)
Thursday 19th December: Sunningdale & Wentworth Christingle in the School Hall (1:20 – 2:00)
Thursday 19th December: Turnberry & Birkdale Christingle in the School Hall (2:10 – 2:50)
Hopefully see you there!

School trip to the Royal Armouries!

This week we were lucky enough to visit the Royal Armouries which allowed us to dive straight into our new and exciting topic. We looked at the story of Perseus and Medusa and retold it through drama. Following this we all took part in a Spartan bootcamp which saw us organise ourselves into tactical defensive position and hold different pieces of armour. 

The oracle is teaching us the story of Perseus and Medusa through drama – here we are practising being soldiers turned to stone by Medusa.
The start of the myth when Perseus and Danae arrive on the beach in a wooden box.
Equipment used by Spartans – Rory is holding a real sword and Emily is holding a shield.
Practising being Spartans.
Standing in formation.
Marching in formation – I was very excited that I got to join in on this march!

Poem to rehearse.

As you may be aware, year 5 are performing the poem ‘Silver’ in assembly on Monday 11th November. Please see the poem below to help the children learn and rehearse.


Slowly, silently, now the moon

Walks the night in her silver shoon;

This way, and that, she peers, and sees

Silver fruit upon silver trees;

One by one the casements catch

Her beams beneath the silvery thatch;

Couched in his kennel, like a log,

With paws of silver sleeps the dog;

From their shadowy cote the white breasts peep

Of doves in a silver-feathered sleep;

A harvest mouse goes scampering by,

With silver claws and a silver eye;

And moveless fish in the water gleam,

By silver reeds in a silver stream.

Waving goodbye to Macbeth.

As the new term starts we wave goodbye to Macbeth. Both the children and I have loved the topic and we have got some high quality work as a result.

We had our end of term performance, which we produced with the help of the West Yorkshire playhouse and performed it to year 3. It was a huge success and the children should be extremely proud of themselves. We have practiced for 2 hours each week and learnt new styles of performance that allowed us to recreate the story of Macbeth in an innovative and exciting way.

Please have a look at the following pictures which were taken from our final production of Macbeth.

We are now really excited for our new topic… Ancient Greece!

Black history month.

In 5SW we were really interested in Black History Month. We focused our learning on Windrush and the people who traveled to Britain on Windrush Empire. The children were really empathetic and disagreed with the discrimination many of the Caribbean people faced after their arrival.

We created our own Windrush poems and tried to imagine what those people were feeling and leaving behind when they travelled to Britain.

An example of our windrush poetry.
We also used oil pastels to represent the setting that those travelling to Britain would be leaving. We used bright colours to try and emphasise what it may be like in the Caribbean. 

Finally in our new home!

After an exciting first four weeks, we are finally in our new permanent classroom – I have been really impressed with how the children have coped with the transition into year 5 and their new classroom.

We have been working on making it feel like home and managing our distractions as we create a positive learning environment for everyone in 5SW. Children are allowed to bring in a pair of indoor shoes such as pumps or slippers as we want to keep our classroom as clean as possible.

Alongside settling in to the new building, we have had Anthony from the West Yorkshire Playhouse in to work with us on our performance of Macbeth. The children have been working on using their hands to represent certain characters and objects that are essential within the play.

Children are moving their bodies to represent the witches character.
Children are using their bodies to represent the opposing armies charging during the opening scene of Macbeth.

It is great to see that members of 5SW are taking part in extra curricular activities and we can share in their successes.

Sangu competed in a county tennis competition and won – she brought her medal in to share with the class.
Hasini brought in her certificates and medals celebrating her success in an out of school maths club – this is brilliant Hasini and we are so happy to share your success with you.